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The film industry in the Philippines is led by Hollywood with having 7 of the top 10 movies in 2012. The other 3 were local independent movies with a romantic theme. Movie watching is a top past times in the Philippines and the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) anticipate movie screens to increase from 700 at present to 1,ooo in 2015. Indie Films is on the rise in the Philippines and 216 out of 256 local films released in 2012 were all indie flicks and spearheaded by younger generation.

747462699174813A Filipino movie that was highly recommended to me by a friend is Ngayong Nandito Ka. The English translation is “Now That You’re Here”. Ngayong Nandto Ka is a romantic movie that involved a love triangle and self discovery. After viewing the movie it quickly became a personal favorite of mine. There were scenes in the film that transcended across cultures and I found it relevant to my own life. This movie had drama! I mean Twilight kind of drama… If you have the time, find a way to watch this movie I would definitely recommend it.


The music of the Philippines is diverse and the musicians are very talented. The video below shows different artists and genre types from February 2012 courtesy of Filipino Pop Chart.


Fashion is big part of the Filipino culture. Some popular stores and brands are:



Folded and Hung (Locals call it F&H)

Team Manila


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Manila: The Adventure



The population of the Philippines is 105,720,644 (CIA) with a population growth rate of 1.84%. The target region of Manila is estimated at 11,499 million residents. The gender ratio for the birth rate is 1.05 males per female. The age range for the youth target is 19.1 (male 10,259,385/female 9,896,090) for ages 15-24. (CIA)

The average monthly income for the Philippines ns U.S. currency is $953.00 (SalaryExplorer) with a labor force of 40.42 million. The labor force by occupation is broken by:

Agriculture: 32%

Industry: 15%

Services: 53%

Please enjoy this mini vacation courtesy of Aero Eye Asia.


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The Melting Pot

Philippines-Map-Geography-of-Philippines-Map-of-Philippines-Worldatlas-com 2013-09-30 23-19-50

(Courtesy of

Youth Culture

The youth culture of the Philippines is very similar to that of the United States. They are exposed to radio and television as a huge majority of the youth listen to the radio and watch television daily. Books, newspapers, and magazines are also popular with the youth of the Philippines as third of youth demographic read daily.


The youth culture has strong family ties and value their relationship with the parents as a differencing factor is that the youth culture of the Philippines put more weight on making a contribution to society and making lots of money compared to the United States where the focus is on quality of life, such as having more available time for recreation and hobbies.


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Blog Entry #2

Social acceptance is important in the Filipino society. They have a strong desire for upward mobility and believe that education is the driving factor. The position in society is determined by money, beauty, and the color of skin. This cultural conditioning is where society favors lighter skin and is fueled by American commercialism. It even extends to favoritism in the workplace when applying for a job or seeking a promotion. Money and the ability to purchase material items is a sign of power in the Philippines. The wealthy live a lifestyle similar to that of the western culture.

Basketball is a fan favorite among the nation. Every school and city has a basketball court. The people of the Philippines are fans of both the American league (NBA) and the Filipino professional league. Mah-jongg is popular among the women and cock-fights are popular among the men. Metal spurs or blades are put above the feet and the cocks fight until one can no longer continue or runs away. It may sound cruel but it’s a part of the Filipino culture.

Filipino society also prides themselves on their hospitality. They are willing to go out of their way to assist if someone needs help or transportation. If you attend a party you will not leave without a full belly and a to-go plate. Sense of time is very relaxed. It is normal to arrive at a party a few hours late. It’s jokingly called Filipino time (very similar to Humboldt time).


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Blog Entry #1

I chose to research the youth culture of the Philippines for my individual blog portfolio project. The region I will focus on is Manila which is the capital city and second largest city in the Philippines. I have met a few people that were born or have lived in the Philippines. Their stories have always fascinated me and the moment I heard of this project I knew it would be my country of choice (my “aha” moment).

The modern Filipino youth enjoy life much like the youth in the United States do. The youth have several forms of urban social similarities. These counter culture lifestyles vary and range from a hip hop mc, punk rocker, and to a hipster. The official language of the Philippines is Tagalog. However, English is generally used in educational, governmental, and commercial purposes. English is widely understood in the Philippines and is one of the largest groups of English speaking people in the world. The youth also thrive on fashion, electronics, and cellular phones.


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We owe it to ou…

We owe it to ourselves and to the next generation to conserve the environment so that we can bequeath our children a sustainable world that benefits all.
-Wangari Maathai

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