(Reflections Blog Entry 12)

Reflections on my blogging experience:

What worked?

Setting up the blog using the WordPress platform was user friendly enough so that a novice such as me could set up a decent visual foundation to work from. Gathering and/or curating information to include in the blog was good since all of the information was available online.

What did not?  And what were the challenges?

I felt it was difficult at times to curate information of my topic of choice. I would spend a good amount of time finding nothing and if I did it was outdated or the source was questionable. Towards the end of the semester it seemed that Puma’s InCycle product line is removed from the corporate website and taking a backburner to other products from Puma. It was heartbreaking since I felt that it was good move on Puma’s part to take the initiative to create a biodegradable shoes and clothing. Now, it’s hard to locate any information about Puma InCycle.

 What were the rewards?

To create a blog and learn some of the aspects of WordPress was a good take-away for the semester. It was the first time I created a blog and still adapting to social media and technology.

How would you improve the content of your blog?

I would include more information in all aspects of my blog. More pictures and videos would also be helpful to engage the reader or followers of my blog.

If asked to create and maintain a blog by your employer, do you have the confidence to start one?

Yes. However, I would like to take a class or at least attend a workshop to dive deeper in the blogging world. That way I would be able to focus and spend more time dedicated to the blogging craft.

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One Response to (Reflections Blog Entry 12)

  1. Prof. Ray says:

    Congratulations on completing the assignment. As with everything, practice makes perfect. The more you learn and keep up to date with the latest knowledge, the better you get at anything you put your mind to, over time. Good luck!

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