Keep Hope Alive (Blog Entry 9)

puma_vision_logoA concern with the Puma InCycle clothing line is that it’s hard to search for the Puma InCycle products using their corporate website. In addition, a search using Google only shows limited items for sale online. It appears that the Puma InCycle product line has lost some of its initial steam up to and after the release of the product line. This is crucial issue as it’s a big loss to the InCycle product line but also in the development of sustainable and biodegradable products. I still see future potential in the Puma InCycle product line. For future roll-outs of the InCycle product line or anything that is similar need to have a stronger marketing plan. A focus would need to be in building awareness of the product and utilizing social media to spread word-of-mouth. There are a few things that could have been differently to have helped build the brand and build awareness of the environmental efforts of the InCycle product line.

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One Response to Keep Hope Alive (Blog Entry 9)

  1. Prof. Ray says:

    some students who have researched countries with large subsistence population have suggested collaborative marketing with non-profits and government entities to educate and involve communities about sustainable consumption practices. can Puma do this with any organizations in philipines?

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