Technical Infrastructure and Support (Blog Entry 11)


With Puma being the Parent Company of the InCycle product line they have the financial and technical resources to develop and/or sustain the product line. The InCycle page within the Puma Corporate website will need to be maintained with both information about the product line and how the consumers purchase will affect the environment in a positive and sustainable way.

PUMA-Stores-Find-Official-PUMA-Stores-in-Philippines 2013

The Philippines currently has 6 Puma stores in the country. However, a focus would also be on their online store. Have the ability to customize colors and patterns for the Puma InCycle product line so they would be able to personalize their purchase. After designing their shoe, backpack, or clothing item they share via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) their customized purchase with their friends to further encourage engagement and spread word-of-mouth.

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One Response to Technical Infrastructure and Support (Blog Entry 11)

  1. Prof. Ray says:

    what sort of cultural sensitivities have to be considered for working with technical infrastructure and support. does puma already have an office there or do they need to set up something and hire locals? does the website have to be mobile friendly if majority of filipinos access online information on their phones?

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