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(Reflections Blog Entry 12)

Reflections on my blogging experience: What worked? Setting up the blog using the WordPress platform was user friendly enough so that a novice such as me could set up a decent visual foundation to work from. Gathering and/or curating information … Continue reading

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Technical Infrastructure and Support (Blog Entry 11)

With Puma being the Parent Company of the InCycle product line they have the financial and technical resources to develop and/or sustain the product line. The InCycle page within the Puma Corporate website will need to be maintained with both … Continue reading

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E-Marketing Strategy (Blog Entry 10)

With the focus of the target audience is being the youth culture in the Philippines and the age range being in the 16-30 range. An effective emarketing strategy would be to focus on social media and online customer service management … Continue reading

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Keep Hope Alive (Blog Entry 9)

A concern with the Puma InCycle clothing line is that it’s hard to search for the Puma InCycle products using their corporate website. In addition, a search using Google only shows limited items for sale online. It appears that the … Continue reading

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