Challenges (Blog Entry 8)

Puma InCycle

Once I started my research in September 2013 on the Puma InCycle clothing line there was a lot of buzz online with the Puma corporate website, blogs, and other online industry leading website that promote sustainability. As the semester went on I noticed the buzz surrounding the Puma InCycle clothing line was not the same and starting to lose its fizzle.

A challenge that this brand might face in targeting the youth demographic would be to create a “buy-in” with the products. The idea of sustainable and biodegradable clothing is still new to the consumer and only targets a niche consumer who cares about the products they purchase and the environment. To overcome this challenge more information would have to be available to the consumer on how this product benefits them but the others and the world around them. Like all new things like Puma InCycle, it requires that the consumer understand the background information and concept of sustainability and how their individual behavior and purchases can make a difference and support the process.

There is a bigger picture other than a jacket or a pair of sneakers. It’s about maintaining and building a better world for the future.

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2 Responses to Challenges (Blog Entry 8)

  1. Prof. Ray says:

    catch up to get partial credit for missed entries. since the purpose of the assignment was to add blogging skills to the resume, penalizing is not the intent.

    let’s see more effort in working on the technical skills of blogging as i have mentioned in earlier feedback. this is important to add as a skill learnt through this assignment that is directly transferrable and applicable in the job market.

    good luck!

  2. Prof. Ray says:

    entry update acknowledged. its truly discouraging when big companies give up on such efforts instead of learning from the failure and trying again.

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