Sustainable Fashion

Puma has a diverse product line from shoes, clothing, backpacks and accessories. Puma is not only a fashionable product and clothing line; it is also a functional product and clothing line. Now Puma is taking it a step further and helping the world by offering a sustainable product and clothing line.


The InCycle clothing line appeals youth demographic that cares for the environment and also has a sense of fashion. The clothing can be worn and be recycled into future products or can compost as its biodegradable. The idea of turning an old shoe into a mango tree really resonates with the environmentally friendly consumer.



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One Response to Sustainable Fashion

  1. Prof. Ray says:

    interesting to see the sustainable line. how is the firm achieving this? think about the brand’s story – something that will resonate with the target market segment. what do you think the pricing would be for the target customer segment?

    lets see some work on more settings functions to further improve your skills in this area.

    good luck!

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