Puma’s InCycle collection of apparel, footwear, and accessories is a sustainable U.S. brand that would be a good fit with the modern youth in the Philippines. The InCycle collection is cradle-to-cradle certified and is available online thought Puma’s website and in stores worldwide.

Check out this video for more information on Puma InCycle:


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  1. Prof. Ray says:

    more description in the narrative to engage readership is an area for further improvement. narrative is very important for self-publication efforts. for instance, why would this product be a good fit remains unexplained. Add some more information about this brand – is it a public firm or private? what is the business philosophy of this firm? where is it located? etc. are some pertinent information for your readership. use subtle call to action for readers to click the play button. its embedded twice in the post so edit one out.

    at this point in the blog project, start working on improving the settings etc of the blog. These skills are important to showcase your technical skills of blogging.

    good luck!

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