(Reflections Blog Entry 12)

Reflections on my blogging experience:

What worked?

Setting up the blog using the WordPress platform was user friendly enough so that a novice such as me could set up a decent visual foundation to work from. Gathering and/or curating information to include in the blog was good since all of the information was available online.

What did not?  And what were the challenges?

I felt it was difficult at times to curate information of my topic of choice. I would spend a good amount of time finding nothing and if I did it was outdated or the source was questionable. Towards the end of the semester it seemed that Puma’s InCycle product line is removed from the corporate website and taking a backburner to other products from Puma. It was heartbreaking since I felt that it was good move on Puma’s part to take the initiative to create a biodegradable shoes and clothing. Now, it’s hard to locate any information about Puma InCycle.

 What were the rewards?

To create a blog and learn some of the aspects of WordPress was a good take-away for the semester. It was the first time I created a blog and still adapting to social media and technology.

How would you improve the content of your blog?

I would include more information in all aspects of my blog. More pictures and videos would also be helpful to engage the reader or followers of my blog.

If asked to create and maintain a blog by your employer, do you have the confidence to start one?

Yes. However, I would like to take a class or at least attend a workshop to dive deeper in the blogging world. That way I would be able to focus and spend more time dedicated to the blogging craft.

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Technical Infrastructure and Support (Blog Entry 11)


With Puma being the Parent Company of the InCycle product line they have the financial and technical resources to develop and/or sustain the product line. The InCycle page within the Puma Corporate website will need to be maintained with both information about the product line and how the consumers purchase will affect the environment in a positive and sustainable way.

PUMA-Stores-Find-Official-PUMA-Stores-in-Philippines 2013

The Philippines currently has 6 Puma stores in the country. However, a focus would also be on their online store. Have the ability to customize colors and patterns for the Puma InCycle product line so they would be able to personalize their purchase. After designing their shoe, backpack, or clothing item they share via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) their customized purchase with their friends to further encourage engagement and spread word-of-mouth.

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E-Marketing Strategy (Blog Entry 10)

PUMA-Bring-Me-Back Social Mesia

With the focus of the target audience is being the youth culture in the Philippines and the age range being in the 16-30 range. An effective emarketing strategy would be to focus on social media and online customer service management (e-CRM). The use of social media will help build awareness of both the Puma InCycle product line and of the sustainable and environmental benefits of the InCycle product line. Right now Puma is utilizing one-click links on their website to various social media sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Google+


On the Puma website it was apparent where to go for interest in sustainability but a focus would need to be creating an “opt-in” to learn more about the sustainable efforts from Puma and also the Puma InCycle product line. Once you opt-in you are now part of the database and can focus on personalizing emails, information, and offers to specific interests of the consumer. Through ongoing engagement such as emails you would be able to build a long-term relationship with the consumer. With customer relations management a focus would also be on responding to social media messages such as a Facebook or Instagram comment. This would engage the consumer and again build on the relationship.

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Keep Hope Alive (Blog Entry 9)

puma_vision_logoA concern with the Puma InCycle clothing line is that it’s hard to search for the Puma InCycle products using their corporate website. In addition, a search using Google only shows limited items for sale online. It appears that the Puma InCycle product line has lost some of its initial steam up to and after the release of the product line. This is crucial issue as it’s a big loss to the InCycle product line but also in the development of sustainable and biodegradable products. I still see future potential in the Puma InCycle product line. For future roll-outs of the InCycle product line or anything that is similar need to have a stronger marketing plan. A focus would need to be in building awareness of the product and utilizing social media to spread word-of-mouth. There are a few things that could have been differently to have helped build the brand and build awareness of the environmental efforts of the InCycle product line.

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Challenges (Blog Entry 8)

Puma InCycle

Once I started my research in September 2013 on the Puma InCycle clothing line there was a lot of buzz online with the Puma corporate website, blogs, and other online industry leading website that promote sustainability. As the semester went on I noticed the buzz surrounding the Puma InCycle clothing line was not the same and starting to lose its fizzle.

A challenge that this brand might face in targeting the youth demographic would be to create a “buy-in” with the products. The idea of sustainable and biodegradable clothing is still new to the consumer and only targets a niche consumer who cares about the products they purchase and the environment. To overcome this challenge more information would have to be available to the consumer on how this product benefits them but the others and the world around them. Like all new things like Puma InCycle, it requires that the consumer understand the background information and concept of sustainability and how their individual behavior and purchases can make a difference and support the process.

There is a bigger picture other than a jacket or a pair of sneakers. It’s about maintaining and building a better world for the future.

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Sustainable Fashion

Puma has a diverse product line from shoes, clothing, backpacks and accessories. Puma is not only a fashionable product and clothing line; it is also a functional product and clothing line. Now Puma is taking it a step further and helping the world by offering a sustainable product and clothing line.


The InCycle clothing line appeals youth demographic that cares for the environment and also has a sense of fashion. The clothing can be worn and be recycled into future products or can compost as its biodegradable. The idea of turning an old shoe into a mango tree really resonates with the environmentally friendly consumer.



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Puma’s InCycle collection of apparel, footwear, and accessories is a sustainable U.S. brand that would be a good fit with the modern youth in the Philippines. The InCycle collection is cradle-to-cradle certified and is available online thought Puma’s website and in stores worldwide.

Check out this video for more information on Puma InCycle:




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